FAQ Mistress Lucrecia

Who are you?

I am Kinky Lucrecia aka Lucrecia Adira, dominatrix, wrestler and performer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

What do you prefer to do during sessions?

I mostly like to make session depending on person who will I meet with.

But things which I enjoy most are either:

Fetish– foothetish, findom, wearing lingerie, corset, stockings, pantyhose,  fishnets, bikini, lycra, latex

BDSM and physical humiliation – smothering, facesitting, trampling, chest-sitting, tickling, humiliation (psychical or physical), slave training, forced feminisation, spanking, bondage, sensory deprivation, breathplay
-you can suggest your favorite roleplay -some of my favorites are: stepmom, assasin, teacher, bootcamp instructor

Strength and wrestling – submission wrestling, competitive and semi-competitive matches, fantasy wrestling, bondage wrestling, semi-competitive boxing, beatdowns, scissorhold, strength comparison, lift and carry (my limit is 80 kg if you want to be lifted many times)

I dislike time wasters, people with no manners or respect.

Practices which I do NOT offer:

I am not interested in any sexual oriented sessions and I do not provide relieve. I do not get naked during sessions, so please respect this.

I  tried to contact you but you haven’t replied.

Please make sure you do contact me via correct email madam.lucrecia@gmail.com.  Also do not forget that I don’t reply to any requests which are not polite, respectful or are including any sex offers. You should not ask me for my cellphone number or other contacts unless I will give it to you myself.

You should mention:

  • experience, preferences, expectations and fantasies
  • limits, health problems
  • possible days and times of meeting, place of meeting
  • another specific information needed for session

It is very likely that I will ask you for a deposit or reference from other wrestler. Or perhaps you want to prove that you’re genuine, you can send me an Amazon or Asos giftcard to my email then.

How long have You been doing this?

My experience is several years long. I have been always dominant and enjoyed to punish guys, make them struggle in more ways. I have been performing a professional domme since 2012, my wrestling career started thanks to Fight Pulse producer who I have met in year 2014. I realized that it is a great way how to use my natural strength, big body and have fun.

Do I need to have experience with slave service or mixed wrestling? What are the preferences of your slave or wrestler?

Not really, you can contact me even if you are a newbie. Also age is not important issue (legal age is). With slave there is important to be playful and have will to serve Mistress, behave well. For wrestling matches it is essential to be able to respect rules and fair play.

What are Your stats?

I am 183 cm/ 6 ft tall and I weight 108 kg/ 240 pounds, my breasts are size 3/C. I wear shoes eur 41-42.

How old are You?

I was born in 1988, my zodiac sign is Aquarian 😉

Can I bring or send  You some present or tribute?

Yes, you can. I love cosmetics from Lush, L’Occitane de Provence, dark chocolate or fruit. If you feel generous, there is also wishlist of mine

Thank you 🙂

Can I take you for dinner and/or shopping? Can you join me for fetish or BDSM related event?

Yes, you can. We can also have  a nice dinner or drink after/before session if you’re interested but I need to know in advance. Ask me about rates and more info via mail.  (FIY: dinner or drink means that you will pay for your time spent with me anyway and of course it does not include anything intimate. Please respect that.)

How do you act like when we meet?

Firstly I usually like to talk little bit and make small interview. In real life I’m kind and empathetic woman, who is very friendly – especially to the ones who deserve it and treat me well.

Should I prepare somehow for a session or bring something?

Please wash, shave and trim your nails (toenails too) if you’re coming over for wrestling.

How much does one session cost?

Price for one hour in Prague is usually 200-300 eur per hour. When I’m travelling around Europe it’s around 200 eur per hour.

Where are sessions with You performed?

My wrestling venue is in Prague 10 near tram stop Perunova. Session can be as well in hotel or other place if we both agree. I am up to travelling but please note that costs will vary in this case.

I would like to become Your personal slave. What do I need to do?

I do not accept personal slaves at the moment.

Can I order custom video from you?

To order your custom, fill in the contact form or email me via madam.lucrecia@gmail.com

Customs start at 10 eur per 1 minute/person depending on scenario and number of actors.


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  1. Hallo can i date you i think im In love with yo buT im like dom STRAIGHT
    Well M on tePilce and going to pr i dunno maybe you will like Or not like 🙂
    Its up to you

  2. Hi I’m interested in a facesitting session with you sometime. i’m nineteen years old though not sure if that’s too young for you or not please get back in touch. Thanks.

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