I wanted to thank you for a great session that was yesterday, an unforgettable experience. My body hurts but not too much I’m sure I’d like to meet you on your next visit to Tel Aviv
With even more power and control!


Hi Lucrecia!
I just wanted to tell you that it was an unforgettable session yesterday that parts of it are still running through my head from time to time and i’m very glad about it.


Thank you mistress for amazing 5 sessions. It was really worthwhile coming here and you indeed give me lot of power coming back to my regular life. Being with you for me is having the oxygen for the regular boring and stress life.
So obviously I will end the oxygen soon and will have to visit you again to fill it up.



Hello wrestling fans,
yesterday I had a semi-competitive wrestling match with Madam Lucrecia.
It has been my first wrestling against woman. I’m quite sporty man, middle size (183 cm, 84kg). Before a match I have a confidence that I can be equal opponent to her and I was wondering if she can really beat me or not. So far I have seen many various mixed battles and many of them looked more or less like fakes. I downloaded some Lucrecia matches from Fight Pulse before so I knew her before our match a little bit. In these matches Lucrecia wrestled some smaller guys who did not have any chance against her. So there was some doubts in my mind if she can really beat me.
When I saw Lucrecia on my real eyes I was stunned how pretty women she is. Additionally she was very kind and warm to me even though she is known as a strict Dominatrix. So I felt very comfortable before beginning of match.
We agreed one hour wrestling contest with submission by scissoring, smothering, pinning and facesitting rules (no chokes were allowed).
Match had started and after short while I realized that I got into big troubles. I fought with my all effort of my athletic sporty body but it was useless. Lucrecia gave me first point by breastsmothering grab. It was overwhelming how much helpless I felt in that moment. However I enjoyed it so much. Then Lucrecia got me between her mighty thighs and squeezed my body very strongly. I managed to resist her for a while (1-2 minutes) but finally it was too much for me and I gave up. Then Lucrecia show me how powerful her ass is. She smothered me by front and reverse facesitting so intensively that I nearly tapped out. My troubles continued, Lucrecia applied headscissor to my neck and poor head. I felt that she can kill me by her thighs easily. Lucrecia was giving one point after another and I was absolutely without any chance to give her at least one point. Believe me that I was trying to fight whole match’s time and did not resign, but  strength and skills of this beautiful lady was too much for me. Final score was 13:0 for Lucrecia.  I need to stress that I was very happy during whole our match because my dreams (be overpowered by big beautiful women) came true.
If you guys have similar dreams as me I recommend you meet Lucrecia. It is real adventure of a live.
I’m looking forward for next wrestling with Lucrecia to get another exciting beating from her.

Thanks Lucrecia, you were great. You manage to preform exactly as a warrior that caused her prisoner to want to be in her prison forever… Thanks for fulfilling my fantasy.



Yesterday it was time, a dream fulfilled, I could fight against Lucrecia. Today I feel like a rat after a python attack that I survived. My ribs, my ears, my arms. Everything hurts.

Although I am fit and certainly not weak, the fight started quite badly for me. After a few seconds, I was in an awkward situation. This was the beginning of a 90 minute domination of a woman who greeted me very kindly and kindly, took me the nervousness. But that was it. For 90 minutes, I was her prisoner without ever having a chance to free myself. Her leg scissors do not feel like leg scissors,  as if you are pinched between two concrete slabs. And I was often in the scissors. Her facesitting is incredible. You can not move, you just hope not to stifle. Your breast smothering – the same. SGPin, Facesitting, Body and Headscissors changed. I did not know any where, where is up, where is down. Fastened in their handles I was a marionette in their hands. If you think it’s enough with humiliation, followed a handsmother session. No sound came from me more than a stifled scream. I was in seventh heaven and hell at the same time. I never forget this fight. I’m looking forward to seeing her again, because she knows how to make you feel pain. Thank you !!



First of all, Madam Lucrecia is a very cute girl and extremely beautiful. She’s very nice and fun to be with. After our session, we had a light dinner and smoked Shisha together, I spend a wonderful time with her.

Our session was a semi-competitive one with pro style wrestling holds. I’m a fit-young guy with strong legs so I thought I would take on her easily and make her tap multiple times, but none of that happened!
Madam Lucrecia makes the best use of her weight, which makes things very hard and she won most of our clinches and wrestling hold set-ups. I couldn’t really cause her a lot of trouble.
At one point, we decided that a submission can be only scored by a Boston Crab hold! She won it with a final result of 3-0 even though I’m very stubborn, flexible, resilient and wont submit easily. She showed extreme determination to take hold of my legs and bend me backwards in spite of all my resistance! As soon as she’s in control of my legs and sitting on my back, there was no way to get out but to submit and admit the defeat. She was also enjoying every part of it which made it a wonderful experience that I wont forget.

From the moment i saw her on the internet, i knew i had to have a session with her.
She is beautiful on the world wide web and even better in person, she exceeded all my expectations.
When contacting her i found her to be very professional with every step of my inquiry
Lucrecia will perform reasonable requests, so for me being a “foot man” and “giantess fan”
she stood barefoot on a small car, allowed me to worship her feet and “trampled” me.
Lucrecia is very considerate and will observe peoples personal limits and only take peoples sessions
so far as they want to take them, she will perform many other types of fantasy, wrestling and role play etc
at a reasonable request.
I would highly recommend her to anyone, with fantasy and fetish sessions in mind and she is discrete/understanding.
I would gladly have another session with her and am looking forward to the next one.


I’ve met with Madam Lucrecia several times and every session is better than the previous one. She’s not only a big&strong woman, but also very intelligent and attentive. She remembers every detail of every session and next time improves the experience. That’s why I consider her to be one of the best session girls around. I’ll try to describe our last session which was an unforgettable experience for me. I was on a business trip in Prague and booked a 2 hour session with her. As always, communication was smooth and we met at my hotel, exact time we agreed on. As always she looked pretty and confident. In our previous sessions I beat her in armwrestling but she was a clear winner in wrestling. This time, I was thinking I could put a better fight and dominate her as I gained some weight + trained regularly. Oh boy, I was so wrong! We started the session with comparisons. When we both were barefoot, we stood at same height (1.83cm). But when she wore her high heels she was clearly towering over me (probably around 1.95cm’s). Not only taller, she was also bigger than me. My new 93 kg’s were still not enough to match her. I asked about her weight, she said she’s not sure but thinks she weight around 105 kg’s. So we decided to weight her but the scale broke when she put her feet on it! But don’t get me wrong, she isn’t fat at all, she’s just big and built! That was the first moment my belief of beating her started to fade. So we started to wrestle. It was impossible to move her at all. From the first moment she took control and threw me to the bed like I was a baby. Pinned me effortlessly and sat on my stomach. It all happened in 10 seconds. Now it was time for trash talk: “So you were thinking you would beat me?” she asked. Refusing to admit the humiliation, I insisted: “Yes” and tried to escape. It was a mistake. She didn’t like this effort and while holding me down, moved her body up and sat on my face with her huge ass. It was impossible to breath but I kept fighting which was futile. Every effort was countered with double or triple reaction from her. When she decided the facesitting humiliation was enough, she switched her position and put me on a headscissor. And that was the time I realized I don’t stand a chance at all. Once she squeezed her legs, I realized how stronger she got since our last session. Her huge thighs become rock hard in a second. As she’s not a bodybuilder or pro athlete of any kind, it was really surprising to see such hard and strong legs. Needless to say, I tapped in couple of seconds. From that moment, she took complete control of the session and dominated me both physically and mentally. I was her weak and little slave who got out of line and foolishly believed that can overcome her. She made me sure that it has never been an option. She made me kiss her feet and muscles. If I was slow, she scissored me or facesat me. She made me lick her ass for maybe half an hour. She lifted me, pinned me, slapped me as she pleased. I obeyed every command of hers, as my only refusal resulted with a headscissor so intensely painful that I nearly cried. After I was so exhausted of her treatment of me, she quickly dressed up and gently massaged my sore neck. She said: “Sorry, that happens when you challenge a big girl like me”. What a woman!
I fight against a tractor called Lucrecia. I lost. Life won, fight miserably lost. Too strong, too dominant. I felt like a rag in the washing machine. Painful but beautiful!!!
Had a session with madam lucrecia on 5/26/17, and I had a blast!!!! I couldn’t even move her, she’s solid! Then I got smothered by her ass, boobs, etc. She also, headscissored me (reverse, front, side), totally had me at her mercy! It was exciting, thrilling. She was into it as well and not a clock watcher. Had me wanting more, great session.
Ok I met with Lucrecia few days ago. We were wrestling most of the time.
For the first 3-5 minutes I felt I could do something against her. I was able to be on top of her. But after few minutes my stamina got decreased (I had to use a lot of strength to wrestle with much heavier woman than myself) and my defense started to fall apart rapidly. She sat on me and that was moment when I was done. It was hardly impossible for me to escape from her, even though I know some moves and Im not the weakest. But she controlled me 100%. I had to tap out one time, then another time and after it again. Probably 10-15 times. She did to me more than I could have ever dreamed of. Schoolgirl pin, my arms trapped between her legs, leg scrissors (I couldn’t take it for more than 3-4 seconds, my neck still hurts), a lot of facesitting (once i tapped out from it). breast choking, nelson, triangle, sleeper hold, even lotus hold (it was really humiliating). After 30 minutes I was completely defeated. She slapped me and made me kiss her feet. Later she put me in some less known holds, when I didn’t have any more power. Most of the time I was overwhelmed, crushed to the mat, withouth any chance of fighting back. When her thighs were jammed around my neck, I was totally helpless. She was holding me and toying with me, that was really enjoyable and exhausting for me at the same time. At the end I was tied, so that she could show her dominance one more time. I was just a slave for that time, being smothered by this beautiful lady. She looks great in reality, her body is absolutely perfect size, atleast for me. Sometimes I was close to pass out, to sleep so I had to be cautious to let her know, that I cant take it anymore.
I would recommend anyone having a session with Madam Lucrecia. In real life she is easy going, easy to talk to, and she makes you feel satisfied with session. If I were to have a session again, I would seriously consider having rematch.