Wrestle me!

You can now measure your strength with Me and feel pressure of my strong thighs on your body while I laugh into your face.
Perhaps you will manage to escape my grip for once but that won’t disappoint me at all.
Make yourself tired with more attempts to get me on my back, that’s fine. In the end you will
feel My power over yourself and give up. But that won’t make it easier.
I will fight you again, pin you to the floor. and make it very hard for you to catch breath at all!

At this moment I do mainly classical wrestling – competitive and semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling.  I do like lift and carry too.

My favorite holds are schoolgirl’s pin and bodyscissor. In lift and carry it is over one shoulder lift and piggyback.

2 thoughts on “Wrestle me!


    You are the best in waht you do. I can’t stop looking at your beautiful body, face, and especially your thighs and calves. I want a session where by I leave spelling like your legs because I was smothered for hours in them. I am in NY.

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