Cocky Bitch Gets Her Scissor Treatment

Foxy, who’s well known as a local windbag, shows how badly thought out her comments can be. She provokes big Lucrecia with comments about her wrestling skills. This silly decision results in Foxy ending up as Lucrecia’s personal squeeze doll for nearly 20 minutes. This weak, petite girl never had any chance with her 58 kg weight against Lucrecia’s astonishing 112 kg. Neither Foxy Sanie’s poor strength could ever help against massive Lucrecia who squeezes Foxy and sometimes smothers her with large thighs at once. Small Foxy can only desperately grasp for air while Amazon lays on top of her and crushes her mercilessly. She even takes powerless girl for a humiliating walk while holding her in scissors and later she chokes Foxy with her feet, crotch and ankles. There are so many great ways to destroy this girl!

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