Sunday headscissor stretching



My weak wimp slave was taken out of my dungeon cage and used for my pleasure as usual. Today I wanted to exercise a little and try his resistance to my strong thighs. He didn’t look to happy while I was crushing his skull with my big legs but I don’t care – I like to headscissor guys untill they tap out, gasp for air and their face is red like tomato, haha! Guy can even beg for mercy from these firm scissorsholds but I won’t let go of my leg grip till I feel stretched and relaxed. You can see some figure 4 scissors, front scissor hold, reversed headscissor or standing one. Enjoy!

HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucreciaHeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia 01 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia1 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia2 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia3 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia06 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia4 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia07 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia04 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia9 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia12 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia11 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia13 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia7 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia42 HeadscissorsSqueezeMadamLucrecia15

6 thoughts on “Sunday headscissor stretching

  1. Strong women with strong legs, GREAT. Think I’made to RESIST and ESCAPE FROM this trap even beautiful lucretias BODYPRESS sucks Out my Power.
    Would be interesting! 😀

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