Latex surprise

Story told by one of my slaves.

That day, Mistress Lucrecia surprised me. After coming in the house where her dungeon is located she welcomed me in door dressed in skin tight latex dress, corset, shiny pantyhose and also sexy black heels. She pointed out her lips with red lipstick and also wore black eyliner which made her eyes look like cat’s eyes. She interrupted my thoughts with command ” Stop starring at me and get in bathroom, now!”. Madam Lucrecia seemed to be in strict mood tonight, so I rather listened to her. When I moved in bathroom I’ve noticed there were another pieces of latex outfit haning there. She ordered me to wash myself, get myself in latex catsuit, hood and gloves. I was fairly concerned but also excited on the other hand as I never had chance to wear rubber clothes.

Later on Mistress told me to get in main room where I had to kneel in front of her, I was ordered to put on rubber gasmask which allowed me to breath but my breath was in control of my Mistress as she connected pipe to mask opening. She’d eventually cover the opening and leave me without oxygen for a while. Then she decided to put the end of pipe under her skirt where it held. I was getting truly aroused as I could breathe in smell of Madam. While I was ordered to concentrate on breathing, Mistress Lucrecia put transparent collar on my neck, cuffs on my wrists and ankles as well. She was now completely in charge of me and decided to take of my gas mask. Instead she’d use a metal mouth spreader which made my mouth open all the time. I was tied up to a pillar while Madam would take on rubber hood and big rubber strapon which frightened me but made me feel thrilled at same time.


My Mistress untied me, leashed me and sat on examination chair. “Suck on my cock and you better try harder then last time!” she said as she pulled my leash, so my only choice was to get on knees and start sucking. First it seemed hard to stop gagging reflex, plus the mouth spreader didn’t make it much easier. But Mistress was convincing with her riding crop hitting my ass and back continuously.. She also started pounding deeper and was deep-throating me very successfully. I already gave up all resistance, so when I was told to lay down on the gyno chair, I felt very obedient as much as horny. Madam Lucrecia unzipped my catsuit, took on rubber gloves, made her rubber cock wet with some lube and was sliding in first slowly and very gently. Then she started with harder pounding and told me to hold still. I don’t remember how long she kept me in this humiliating position but it was extremely exciting. I will never forget this evening.

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