Ready to meet wild Czech cat?

Well you’d better be ready because this rare Bohemian feline loves to play and it is always hungry for male souls!

Not everyone can satisfy my desires and lately I have been receiving more and more useless emails and messages from guys who either have no idea how to apply for a session with me or they want to waste my time. My time is priceless, dear kinkies. I have job for production, I work on my my videos, I have regular clients, travel and create art of mine. This is why from now on I will only accept new people who are willing to prove that they are genuine. Best way to prove demonstrate your good will is to send me a gift card , tribute me through my clips4sale store or have will to send me deposit in other way. If you cannot do that, you should better mention some dommes or session girls who can give you reference. Can’t do that either? Well, good luck with others then! 😉

Looking forward to meet you, kinky boys and girls.

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