Schoolgirl’s pin will make you feel weak

Good way to put guy in his place is to pin him and give him the SGP punishment! Feeling my weight on top of chest makes one more obedient.. Occasional faceslapping and mocking can be useful too. Not even talking about putting full weight on guy’s arms to make some bruises as souvenir to remember schoolgirl’s pin treatment 😉


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3 thoughts on “Schoolgirl’s pin will make you feel weak

  1. amazon is teaching this guy what a crushing defeat is all about.he is totally soften and submissive as he has no energy to offer any resistance.he only feels your dominance and has to stay undrneath you until you will be pleased to let the poor guy up.

  2. you are amaizing u been eye the most when i see u n sgpin sites, id do whatever it takes to be pinned by u as long as possible

  3. Mistress understands that sitting on a slAve Is an ultimate act oF dominance. The slave is uttely helpless and is crusHed, humiliated and broken. Mistress is triumphant anD victorious and is ready to accept total submission and servitude from her victim.

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