Smell my feet and kiss it..


I know you love the smell of my feet. You are shy to admit that but you love to sniff the aroma between my fingers and you just enjoy when I put my feet on your face, let you have a taste of my soles.

You might think that I do footfetish just because of you but that’s not true. I adore the feeling when my slave takes care of my feet, kisses my foot slowly, licks my soles. Especially when my feet is licked between fingers, that’s pure heaven for my feet tired after long day. I often have a feet climax when my slave tries hard while foot worship.

So why don’t you just kneel down and do what we both like? Get down and lick my nice smelly feet.


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3 thoughts on “Smell my feet and kiss it..

  1. it is an honour to remOve your shoes aNd stockings and worship your hot, tired feet at the end if the day, mistress. You rub your sweaty soles over my face and tongue, and order me to lick between Each of your pretty toes, soothing cleaning and refreshing your feet as i lie on the floor beneath you. A good life for an unworthy slave, to please and adore his mistress so!

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