Smothered while wrestling


Ok guys, now lets be honest – the harder I can smother the guy or facesit him during the match, the better!

I think it’s very humiliating for someone to lose with a girl and to be squashed with my big butt after. Plus my boobs are good to make one suffocate as well, not even talking about my chubby belly. It makes it completely impossible to breath down there 😉

Check out the photos from shooting with great Fight Pulse production and don’t forget to see my recent Lucrecia Adira femdom, scissorhold or facesitting videos. Bet you’re gonna love them..



FightPulse-Lucrecia-vs-Marek-smother-9367 FightPulse-Lucrecia-vs-Marek-smother-94121 FightPulse-Lucrecia-vs-Marek-smother-9539 FightPulse-Lucrecia-vs-Marek-smother-9501 FightPulse-Lucrecia-vs-Marek-smother-9358 (1) FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-009 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-008 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-007 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-006 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-005 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-000 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-001 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-002 FightPulse-MX-32-Lucrecia-Gregor-smother-match-003 Smothering match

3 thoughts on “Smothered while wrestling

  1. amazon lady is brutally torturing her poor male victim as she is smothering him ruthlessly with FACE SITTING The guy feels the humiliation of defeat. it is his crushing defeat in true sense..

  2. Dear Ms. Adira, I would like to meet you for a wrestling session in Fall this year when I will be in Prague for a few days in October – I am 165cm tall, weigh 75 kgs and like to be overwhelmed by a female bigger than I. Ideally I would like to wrestle for an hour, ending with a bondage match using nylon stockings followed by face sitting – For me it is important that I will have to struggle for a while until you are able to tie my hands and feet – Can you do this? What do you require from me? I am in my late 60s. If this request offends you, I apologize.

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