Filming slaves wanted in Prague

I am seeking male, transgender or female slaves available for fetish filming in Prague.

My main interests for filming are scissorholds, heavy facesitting, fullweight trampling, smothering, choking, beatdowns,

ballbusting, pins, femdom, humiliation, lift and carry, fetish and more.

Videos will be on clips4sale.

I want reliable adepts only who are into bdsm, fetish, domination or wrestling and will agree to shoot without mask.

Fee is more symbolical, you should be interested in shoot because of me.

For more info email me at with information about yourself – height, weight, age, experience, interests related to bdsm or fetish.

I am looking forward to meet you 😉


Kinky Lucrecia Mistress Prague

11 thoughts on “Filming slaves wanted in Prague

  1. I humbly bow before you dear goddess and wish to have my face crushed beneath your marvellous booted feet and bare feet or feet in socks and/or sneakers. I am longing to be trampled and to have my face trampled underneath your glorious feet.
    Please, let me know if you could be your carpet.
    I bow before thee your highness
    George the doormat

  2. I’m interested to be your filming slave, is there a way I can send pictures to you so you can sort out yourself?

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